Barrier Fence Sound Wall Systems

Our fencing is made by stacking our wall panels on top of each other along with matching trim. Due to the simplicity of our installation, you can quickly and safely install your Barrier Fence System.




Why choose Barrier Fence?


barrier fence privacy fence

New Residential And Commercial Structures

Barrier Fence fencing canada

Residential Or Commercial Renovations

barrier fence privacy fence

Manufactured Homes - Modular Homes - RTM

Barrier Fence fencing canada

Deck And Patio Railings

Barrier Fence fencing canada

Swimming Pool And Hot Tub Surrounds

barrier fence privacy fence

Combine With Other Finishing Materials For Multiple Looks

Colour options

barrier fence privacy fence

Product Features

  • Made In Canada

  • Lightweight, Easy Handling and Safe to Install (Lightweight, Easy Handled and Low Wall Stress)

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Impact Resistant

  • Laboratory Tested Sound Suppression System

  • Repels Water and Blocks Wind

  • High Curb Side Appeal

  • Multiple Colours Available

  • Available in 3 Colour Options

  • Limited Expansion and Contraction

  • 30 Year Warranty

Start your project with Barrier Fence. We’re here to help you get started in the right direction with your project.